Gallery: On the wall

( 新宿 )
Acrylic house-paint on canvas
104 ins x 65 ins
At Shinjuku Station, Tokyo scanning the ever-shifting scene as one negotiates a path through the oh-so-polite mass of weaving humanity, it can be difficult for the eye of a foreigner to interpret and recognize much at all from the visual overload.
Time and scene change as the eye scans to and fro.
Recently on show at "state of play"

Keys (Working Title)
Used piano key, aluminum
37 ins x 88ins x 5 ins
Every key is unique, like people in a crowd

Acrylic on canvas
24 ins x 36 ins

Acrylic on canvas
24 ins x 36 ins

Marathon (Working title)
Acrylic house-paint on canvas
25 ins x 48 ins
Commissioned for UMass Memorial Hospital, Worcester

Polyurethane foam, plywood, acrylic
9 ins x 48 ins x 77 ins
As we hone our understanding of the origins of matter and even the dimension of time, it becomes ever more difficult to envision these origins. Matter, forces, and the very dimensions of space and time may have burst into existence in a random expansion from an initial source.
Recently on show at "the Eye is not a Camera"

Acrylic house paint on canvas
96 ins x 60 ins
Commissioned by Massachusetts State College Building Authority and Worcester State University.
Installed in Private Dining Room, Sheehan Hall, Worcester State University

Time Flows
Polyurethane foam, wood
30 ins x 28 ins x 10 ins

Classic One
Black and white charcoal on tinted paper
19 ins x 25 ins

Cocoon Comfort
Charcoal on paper
14 ins x 17 ins

At The Baths
Black and white charcoal on tinted paper
19 ins x 25 ins

Resting Toreador
Charcoal on paper
15 ins x 21 ins

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  1. What a broad scope this art has. I love the quietness of the life drawings and the thunderous feel of the running zebra and runners.