Gallery: Sculpture

Stainless steel, concrete, ABS pipe
5ft x 5ft x 5ft

104 ins x 48 ins x 73 ins
78 ins x 78 ins x 18 ins
Steel, wood, pigment
16ft x 11ft x 10ft 
ve past each other and the viewer.

Dream Big
Steel, pigment
115 ins x 165 ins x 80 ins

Steel, pigment
64 ins x 119 ins x 42 ins
I createdCare” to explore further the shape produced in “Next Stop Shibuya”, and the different challenge of a horizontal focus.

The arched shape suggested to me a recumbent person held up by a caring other, reminiscent of a “Pieta”.

Steel, pigment
41 ins x 80 ins x 36 ins
Given all to the ball

At Bat
Steel, pigment
112 ins x 74 ins x 44 ins
About to transfer as much potential energy as possible to the ball

Play Ball
Steel, pigment.
An installation of "Fastball" and "At Bat"
Steel, pigment
86 ins x 27 ins x 62 ins

Next Stop Shibuya
Installation at Sculpture Now 2016 at The Mount, Lennox
Painted Steel 9ft high, 5 ft x 5ft base

The outward curve of the two close-together elements of Next Stop Shibuya reminded me of being
on a train in Tokyo. When I was compressed into a railway car at Shinjuku station and then pushed
further in at each stop, finally hearing: “The next stop is Shibuya”, was a welcome announcement.

Seven-figure installation at Sculpture Now 2015 at The Mount, Lennox
Painted Steel 8ft high x 9 ft x 6ft

Fourteen-figure installation at Passion Play 2017 at Alternatives, Whitinsville
Painted Steel 8ft high x 29 ft x 4ft

Three-figure installation at Fuller Craft Museum 2018
Painted Steel 8ft high on 5ft circle

Dream Pod
Steel, steel and aluminum mesh, found rubber balls
55" high x 70" x 70" 
Photo Marilyn Ewer

Bath in Orange
Cut from found cast iron bath tub, steel tubing
72 ins high


Carved from found slate counter-top, base of found field and beach stone
88 ins high
Pairs of people often present an outward public view of their interaction that is different from the private one they have between them. The two forms maintain a rigid separation and their outer-facing surfaces differ from those they share with each-another.
A whisper, a kiss...?
Recently on show at "state of play"

Fruit of Fancy
Steel, steel and aluminum mesh, found rubber balls
59 ins x 22 ins x 38 ins

9 ins x 12 ins x 12 ins
With advice and inspiration from DJ Garrity
Steel, aluminum mesh, acrylic paint
Installation in pear trees at The Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA "Art in Nature 2013" 

Steel, aluminum mesh, acrylic paint
Installation at Oxford Public Library, MA "Art in The Yard 2016"

Ever Vigilant
12 ins x 11 ins x 7 ins

46 ins x 39 ins x 9 ins

Reeds 14-1
144 ins x 96 ins x 96 ins
Installation at The Sprinkler Factory Gallery for "the[space] between" group show

Concrete and steel
12 ins x 20 ins x 77 ins

Oduduwa's Gift
Copper tube, fieldstone
12 ins x 10 ins x 9 ins
Created for "Call and Response" shows at Worcester and Fitchburg in response to specific African art pieces from Fitchburg Art Museum

Resting Places
Slate, found beach-stones
11 1/2 ins x 18 1/2 ins x 2 1/2 ins
Created specifically for "A Different Vision 2013": a tactile art show with blind and partially sighted individuals in mind


Polyurethane foam, wire, wood, cardboard, acrylic
43 ins x 60 ins x 48 ins
The layering of flows, as seen for example in rock formations, provides a record of the passage of time.  I use color to emphasize these layers and the associated flow of time; as well as accentuate the innate exuberance of the foam material, which I find difficult to suppress.
Recently on show at "the Eye is  not a Camera"

Point of Departure
Steel, slate
12ins x 14ins x 11ins

14 ins x 20 ins x 48 ins

Natural Selection
Concrete, applewood
12 ins x 12 ins x 71 ins
A frail sapling bursting through concrete to remind us of the temporal limits of our power.
Shown at ARTsWorcester Bienniel 2011 and at "In Context: Art of the Here and Now" at Worcester Art Museum

Private Space
Cinder block, wood plinth
14 ins x 14 ins x 66 ins
I hope “Private Space” gives pause to consider that each individual has its own private identity, an intimate subtlety and complexity seldom viewed, and frequently under-estimated, by others.
Recently on show at "the Eye is not a Camera"

2x4 Dreaming
Wood, found wooden balls, copper tube
24 ins x 43 ins x 117 ins
To break out of its rigid confines and reveal its inner potential. Even a two-by-four may dream.
On show  2011- 2012 at "Worcester Windows" on Madison St. at Main St.